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WRATHBLADE - Into Netherworld's Realm

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Barbaric epic metal from Greece

here are the first feedback we got:

"Wrathblade's new opus is a celebration of metal itself, It's certainly no easy task to range from solemn to aggressive, passing through epic.Great musicianship, great spirit, great Heavy Metal "

DEATHMASTER /Doomsword Italy

"By the hammer of damnation, it’s a hefty blow to thy skull ! Razor sharp riffing, powerhouse drumming and utterly devastating and unique vocal lines.Once again, I doff my cap to the Greeks."

RICH WALKER / Solstice U.K.

"The bottom line is whether your are a fan of early Maiden, early Manowar, Doomsword, Cirith Ungol, or Brocas Helm there is most certainly something for you on this album!"

TOM PHILIPS / While Heaven Wept U.S.A.

"If I had to go to a battle now, Wrathblade would be my soundtrack, but I'd prefer to see them live with their amps nearing the explosion!!"

PETER / Reverend Bizarre Finland

"Damn, what a killer release! WRATHBLADE is the best band from Greece at the moment. Can't wait to see them on stages all over Europe!"

MANUEL TRUMMER / Atlantean Kodex Germany

" Personally it's very to hard to choose the best song, it's a solid album with no fillers of any kind and a very good production. This is a strong and killer release! "

IVANO SPIGA / Holy Martyr Italy

" Prepare to grit your teeth and clench that fist! These feisty Greeks are on the attack so for Metal with spirit, come Into the Netherworld’s Realm... "

DANNY ANGUS / Pariah Child mag U.K.

“A sound that delivers everything that real heavy metal is about, Heavy, dark and epic – probably one of the best European metal albums of 2012”

LEIF KRINGEN / Scream mag Norway

"Hence no stuff for the mainstream metalheads out there. A mixture of Running Wild (riffs), Slough Feg (vocals) and Brocas Helm (atmosphere)" 11/12

RALF HENN / Ancient spirit mag Germany

" Galloping, brilliant riffed, epic, melodic, fast & dark metal to the bone tracks...very strong album" 9/10

STEPHAN BECKER / Obliveon mag Germany


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