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E.N.D. - Wintering

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E.N.D. (a.k.a. Environment Near Disaster) is an upcoming, melodic Heavy Metal band. The
music brings emotions, from the northern part of Greece!

E.N.D. created during 2011, in the village of Tichero – Evros (Greece) from Max Draganis
who is the guitarist, singer, lyricist and composer of END. Previously co-founder and lead
guitarist in bands like: Shadows (Tichero-Evros), Alienation (Chania-Crete), etc.
With the addition of female vocals from the sisters Lia and Sia Dimoutsi, songs of END
acquired a more lyrical tone. Very soon, the results of this mix, reflected on the debut
album, entitled "WINTERING".
It is recorded to the “Nemesis Recording Studio” (Kavala) and contains the tracks:
"Expectations", "Shadows", "Global Hunger", "Rainbow Rising", "Wintering", "Let's Go" &
"World Wide War".
The design of the logo and all cover artwork is done by Derekenaris Grigoris.

The album was released on February 20, 2012 and it is available from the band, but also by
the distribution company Steel Gallery Records: &

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