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COVEN - Worship New Gods

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COVEN from Detroit, MI is not the Jinx Dawson's COVEN that is somewhat known in underground Metal world. This COVEN, who was actually approached by Jinx to change their name to COVEN 13 is a unique 80's Heavy Metal band that unleash a rare blend of CANDLEMASS / SABBATH Doomy Heavy Metal with a MERCYFUL FATE / CELTIC FROST black metal charm to it. The album is quite moody and may take a little while to sink in, but once it clicks, there's nothing quite like it. This is one of the rarest US Metal albums to ever exist because it was self released back in 1987 on VINYL only. This is the first official release of it on CD with a lot of amazing band photos.

1. Riddle Of Steel

2. Wicked Day

3. Ruler

4. Kiss Me With Blood

5. Burial Ground

6. General's Eye

7. Jail House

8. Threshold Of The New

9. Loki


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