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MAX PLANCK - Kill the Pain

Price per Unit (piece): 14,99 € (including 23 % tax)
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Jewel case CD, 12-page booklet
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies

Arcane true underground demo monster from 1985. Truly one of a kind gem, combining heavy doses of raw NWOBHM, garnished with wild and explosive proto-metal, and topped with heavy doses pure epic grandeur. For fans of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Medieval, early Scorpions, etc

WARNING: Raw garage demo recordings inside. This is raw real metal, as forged back in the day. Untouched by Andy Sneaps nor meant to be part of Nuclear Blast catalog either. For dedicated die-hard fans and collectors only. Be advised and buy accordingly, thanks!

1. Roar
2. Predator Love
3. Dogs of War
4. Everywhere is Nowhere
5. Northwind
6. Enter Into the Rock
7. Starscream
8. Fucked Up
9. H-Factor

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