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BIO-CANCER - Ear Piercing Thrash

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Bio-Cancer have delivered the goods with their debut album! All in all the album sounds good production wise which makes for an enjoyable listening experience. The solid music and gnarly as hell vocals make for a monstrous release that is like no other.

The screams of gang vocals can be heard on every track and after you listen to Ear Piercing Thrash a few times you'll be screaming along every time one comes up! The main vocals of Bio-Cancer are unmistakable, vicious and harsh are just a few words that describe these demon screams that fit nicely with the aggressive nature of this band.


1. Ear Piercing Thrash

2. Your Punisher

3. Backstabbed Again

4. Get Cancered…Now!

5. Spread the Cancer

6. You Scream You Die

7. Killing Habit

8. Anthem of Violence


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