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CD arrow EPIC IRAE - Dreams & Delusions 1989-1993
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EPIC IRAE - Dreams & Delusions 1989-1993

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EPIC IRAE was a very overlooked band back in the days and we're not okey with that, this bands breeds a lot of feeling and originality, though you can find a lot of influences the songs, you'll soon realize that this band goes FURTHER than that!!!

"Dreams and delusions" is a REMASTERED compilation of the first three demos of EPIC IRAE (PRE-Quicksand dream), "Ballet of desolation", "One cloudy day" & "A lonely world" plus it will contain exclusive both live and studio tracks who reminds the true essence of the 80s in the ways of DOOM.

For fans of early Celtic Frost, Bathory and Candlemass!

Track list:


-The wrath / An angel's cry

-The third day

-Buried and forgotten

-Road goes ever on

-In god we trust


-Are you alive, or is it memories?

-One cloudy day: Omnes una manet nox - The gathering - Eclipse - Our beautiful dead world.

-Valley of the dead

-A bit of paradise


-Ballet of desolation


-Hour of completion

-Recreate a thought (Nothing)

-Within my dreams

-My lonely world

-Wings of suffering

-Electric funeral (Black sabbath cover)

-For no-one to see

-An angels cry *** BONUS TRACK ***

-Into the dust *** BONUS TRACK ***

-Divine victim (Manilla road cover) *** BONUS TRACK ***

-Open the gates (Manilla road cover) *** BONUS TRACK ***


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