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MANILLA ROAD - Mysterium

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Manilla Road is doing another album, their 16th full length. They show absolutely no signs of slowing down, in fact they're more active now than ever with all of the live shows booked for 2013. The time has come for Manilla Road to break out of the underground bubble and get to the level where they can get some wider acclaim to all of the hard work that's been put forth all of these years. The new album is just another quality Manilla Road release that sounds a lot more classic than their previous, more experimental album "Playground of the Damned". The production on this album is way different than anything they've ever done in the past as well. With all of their albums, there's nothing that's ever the same with the albums they create or the production they have, but that's what makes Manilla Road, Manilla Road.

1. The Grey God Passes

2. Stand Your Ground

3. The Battle of Bonchester Bridge

4. Hermitage

5. Do What Thou Will

6. Only the Brave

7. Hallowed be Thy Grave

8. The Fountain

9. The Calling

10. Mysterium

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