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LORDIAN GUARD is the unique inspired Christian Medieval Epic Metal majesty of William J Tsamis. Melodic, yet powerful, "Anthology" includes both albums of LORDIAN GUARD, "Lordian Guard" and "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God" (originally released from Hellion Records), plus "Behold A Pale Horse" single, "Invaders" (advance mix) and "Lady Vidonne", a ballad by William J Tsamis & Vidonne Sayre-Riemenschneider.

Here, you will also find, for first time officially released, the demo recordings of LORDIAN WINDS project, with William J Tsamis (guitars, keyboards), Rick Anderson (vocals) and Dave Watry (bass), including: My Name Is Man, Stygian Passage, In The Name Of God, Dark Civilization.

Double CD, remastered with new artwork and 16-pages booklet.

Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.

Track List:


01. Lost Archangel

02. Revelation XIX

03. My Name Is Man

04. Winds Of Thor

05. War In Heaven

06. In Peace He Comes Again

07. My Name Is Man (Lordian Winds)

08. Stygian Passage (Lordian Winds)

09. In The Name Of God (Lordian Winds)

10. Dark Civilization (Lordian Winds)


01. Golgotha

02. Behold A Pale Horse

03. Stygian Passage

04. Father

05. Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

06. Battle Of The Living Dead

07. Children Of The King

08. Behold A Pale Horse (12” single version)

09. Deliver Us from Evil (12” single B’ side)

10. Invaders

Bonus Track

11. Lady Vidonne (A Love Song)


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