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NOT FRAGILE - Shout to the master

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Whenever I use the phrase „Hamburg School“ in a review I am definitely not referring to the well known electronic music from Germany, conceived in the 60s and developed for more than forty years now. I speak about guitar driven power, heavy metal so to speak and if you wish to be more precise, speed metal. Figureheads of the characteristical sound of the Hamburg heavy metal scene are for sure the quite legendary and highly popular HELLOWEEN, RUNNING WILD and GAMMA RAY as some of the early scene protagonists but if you look back you will find another slightly familiar name among the basement complex of what became the “Hamburg School” of metal, NOT FRAGILE. Singer and guitarist Torsten “Bebbo” Buczko formed this speed metal outfit already way back in 1981 when even METALLICA were just a bunch of punks trying to get an idea of how to play kick ass heavy metal. His vision of up paced heavy guitar music with anthem like melodies was developed over the years and culminates now, 33 years ahead, with the brand new eighth complete studio album “Shout to the master” recorded by the longest lasting line up this group ever had with Bebbo as original member, bassist Didy (formerly with fellow Hamburg based cult band MANIA) and guitarist Marc staying since the mid 90s and drummer Mitch (pounding the kettles with Southern German classic MP in the late 80s) since late 2004. This band really feels like a well oiled heavy metal machine letting the engines roar wildly and at full throttle when playing their hard hitting and mostly fast paced tunes on which Bebbo croons in his very personal style. There are these great melodies interwoven with the shredding riffs to create an infernal atmosphere. This is NOT FRAGILE in a top shape, blistering, furious and hungry for more. This band appears with the freshness and hunger of a bunch of kids despite the fact that all members have crossed the border to the forties for a few years now. And as if eleven compositions by NOT FRAGILE were not enough power and glory you will be kicked out by a raging version of “Stand up and fight”, one of the ultimate EXCITER oldies that comes in a very personal NOT FRAGILE garb, just as “Eye of the storm” by SWEET SAVAGE did years ago. NOT FRAGILE leave nothing to desire for each fan of classic old school speed metal with their new release and show quite clearly what huge lesson they have to teach to the headbangers. Grab your copy and get ripped to pieces.

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