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ASHBURY - Endless Skies

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Ashbury - Endless Skies CD (Limited To 500 Copies)

2014, Battle Cry/GOM Records

Reissue of classic early 80s hard rock private press record from Arizona! A real gem for fans of classic hard rock and even 70s metal heads into such obscurities as Legend (From the Fjords) or southern rockers into groups like The Outlaws. Hypnotic vocal hooks and a mystical atmosphere mixing acoustic and electric guitars lures you right into this group's unique hard rock sound. It's amazing how such talent can slip right under the radar.


“Hard rock ripper with progressive edge; been compared to Black Sabbath” - The Acid Archives

Randy & Rob Davis started to play like madmen (well, there's a song on the album called "Madman," so...) and came up with this absolute beaut of a record. There is really very little I can say about how good this damn thing is, from beginning to end. The songs are so good, the playing (Randy Davis - lead guitar) & singing (Rob Davis) so spectacular that you're going back & hitting "repeat" to hear every single track again. So what does ASHBURY actually sound like? The best description I can think of is The Moody Blues songs & vocal melodies crossed with the hard rock riffs & leads of Full Moon (or for the obscure-challenged, Ritchie Blackmore, maybe). From the opening of "The Warning" through scorched-in-your-brain hook-laden jewels like "Twilight" & "Vengeance," this album stands up with anything from the '70's, including all the big boys. You then finish up with the 7+ minute epic title cut and your face-to-face with an opus that finds it's equal in Full Moon's "Winter City" & Winterhawk's "Period Of Change." This is the real deal, kids, & it's only a shame that ASHBURY never did a follow-up. Essential for any '70's hard rock fanatic!" - Chaos Realm

For fans of WINTERHAWK, DARK STARR, and LEGEND (From the Fjords)


1.) The Warning

2.) Take Your Love Away

3.) Twilight

4.) Vengeance

5.) Madman

6.) Hard Fight

7.) No Mourning

8.) Mystery Man

9.) Endless Skies

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