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MINDCAGE - Encapsulation

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Encapsulation is the first album from Dietrick Hardwick's prog metal band, Mindcage. It's a self-released disc with great musicianship, quality songwriting and successful arrangements. The style of prog metal Mindcage plays might greatly impress fans of old school prog metal ala Rage For Order / Mindcrime era Queensryche, Awaken the Guardian / No Exit era Fates Warning, and even some Crimson Glory. The album, being a 2000 release, does have a modern approach that will appeal to progheads that are more drawn to 90's prog bands.


1. Outrage (8:18)

2. Between Two Worlds (5:48)

3. Chains Of Freedom (6:24)

4. No More (6:22)

5. A Turn Of Events (7:00)

6. Goodbye (5:06)


Mike Gray - Vocals

Dietrick Hardwick - Guitars

Brian Howell - Bass

Jon Crowther - Drums

Brenda Baker - Vocals on "Outrage"

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