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SCENE X DREAM - Colosseum

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Scene X Dream - Colosseum (Unreleased album from 1994) (Limited To 500 Copies)

2014, Battle Cry/GOM Records

The unreleased Album "Colosseum" from Scene X Dream!!! Recommended stuff with awesome vocals!!! The up to date unreleased second album from this German Melodic Metal band is finally available for the firts time on CD. "Colosseum" was recorded shortly after the self titled Debut in 1994 for Mausoleum Records, but due to several problems the album remained unreleased up to this point. In collaboration with GOM Records, we now released it for the first time on CD in a limited edition of 500 copies.


1. Colosseum

2. Robe of the Pobe

3. Get out of my way

4. No turning back

5. Hide in the Shadows

6. Chains of Freedom

7. New Age

8. Keep these moments

9. DCB

10. Live means alive

11. Bullfrog

12. Holy War

13. Memories

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