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BLACK FATE - Deliverance Of Soul

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Limited Edition Private 500 copies

It’s been already 7 bloody years since I last held in my hands a brand new release from Black Fate. The band from Larisa have finally made it and released their new album, a work that again forced me to bow in front of their talent.

I strongly recommend you to obtain their album and enjoy soulful Power/Prog music with no clichés in it! I think the conditions are helping the band to make a brand new start and unleash its talent to the world. They have the quality to progress and reach wider and worldwide audiences. “Deliverance Of Soul” is faultless, without even an dull moment in it so please consider it as one of the highlight of the Greek scene! Good luck guys, you have all the needed talent and even more than that!

For fans of Fates Warning, Conception, Innosense, Elegy, Kamelot!


Black Fate started around 1990 playing mostly cover songs with no steady band members and under the name of "Metal Invaders". Two years after, the band's members were Elias Tsinztilonis (guitar), Heracles Fanarakis (vocals, bass) and Nikos Tsintzilonis (drums).

With this line up their first demo "Blackfate" was recorded in 1992 and received very good critics.

Two years later (1994), two new members (Giannis Theologis on bass and Giorgos Maravgakis keyboards) were added to the band. As a result of this, Heracles Fanarakis was devoted to vocals while Tsinztilonis brothers remained on guitar and drums. With this new line up their second demo "A Piece Of Dream" was recorded. During that year the band made a lot of live shows mainly in Larissa and Thessaloniki.

During 1994-1995 the absence of Heracles Fanarakis abroad and the obligations of the rest of the band members to army service and studies, forced the band to be inactive for a period of time.

In 1999 Black Fate returned with he following synthesis:

Elias Tsintzilonis (guitar)

Nikos Tsintzilonis (drums)

Albertos Oikonomou (bass)

Maravgakis Giorgos (keyboards)

Stelios Papakostas (vocals)

who was one of the founder members of Metal Invaders (the earlier from of Black Fate Greece).

At the same year, new songs were recorded at Thessaloniki and were distributed three years later by Secret Port Records.

After five years the band worked on new songs and the recorded the Promo 2007 with a new singer (Vasilis Georgiou) and new keyboard player (Achileas Mochioulis). These songs becomes the album (Deliverance of soul) promoted by ASIRAL RECORDS in 21 November 2009 and the story goes on and on.....with the help of our new members Gus Drax (guitar) and Vasilis Liakos (bass)!!!

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