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NEMESIS - Unleash The Beast CD

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With great pride we present to you, the British band NEMESIS, that was originally formed in 1987 and keeps going strong 'till this day. In 1989, the band released a highly sought after EP and we couldn't resist the opportunity to make that 4-track masterpiece available on CD with great sound, including 10 (!) bonus tracks (of which one is completely unreleased) taken from all periods of the band.

Comes with a color version of the original artwork, a great 16-page booklet, including lyrics, story of the band and rare photos.

Do not miss the chance to own one of the most original post-NWOBHM diamonds ever made.


1. Alive And Kicking

2. Nemesis

3. Too Much To Lose

4. Concerned

5. The Sound Of Metal

6. Everyday Is A Good Day (To Rock)

7. Blood Red Sun

8. Kingdom Of Steel

9. Master Commander

10. The Blade

11. The King Is Dead...Long Live The King

12. Traitor

13. Forever In Metal

14. Don’t Love Metal

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