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NIGHTRIDER - Archives 1980-1984 CD

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Get ready for NIGHTRIDER!!! Another pure heavy metal member to the CULT METAL CLASSICS family. The band was formed in the early 80's in the US and wrote most of their songs between '80 - '84. For reasons beyond any sane's man understanding, no label signed the band. When you listen to their songs, you will be left wondering why they never got their music published!

After nearly 30 years, we came to set the record straight and with pride we present you this CD, loaded with 12 songs from the 80s era of the band. Fans of RIOT and NWOBHM will go nuts with this one! HAIL!!!

Comes with a great 16-page booklet, including lyrics, story of the band and rare photos.


1. Stranger In A Strange Land

2. Can’t Take My Heart

3. Knightmare

4. Hard Living

5. Heart Has Died

6. Power Of Passion

7. Desert Man

8. Prisoner Of Shame

9. In The City

10. You’ve Still Got Time

11. Running For The Flame

12. Desert Man (Desert Storm Version)

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