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LYNX - Caught In The Trap CD

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LYNX is a Swedish keyboards' infused metal band with hard rock elements. "Caught In The Trap" is their only album, originally released in 1985

"Caught In The Trap" is presented for first time on CD format including 3 bonus tracks and a 20-pages booklet with unreleased photos, lyrics and liner notes by guitarist Per Larrson.

Highly recommended for fans of 80s melodic metal, Rainbow, TNT, Tarot and Europe.

"Caught In The Trap" is Vol.2 of the Swedish Hard n' Heavy Series of No Remorse Records that was started with DIZZINESS "On The Rocks".


01. My Own Way

02. Win Or Lose

03. Fingers Crossed

04. Man Without A Face

05. Don't Fool Me

06. Final Race

07. Nothing In Return

08. Master Of Evil

09. Nightwalker

10. In The Night (live bonus track)

11. Keep On Loving Me (bonus track)

12. Race To Hell (bonus track)

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