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IRONHAWK - To The Point ...And Then Some

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Cult Metal Classics is proud to present you another cult metal gem, which until now was hidden in the dust of ages. Chicago's heavy metal band IRONHAWK, is mainly known among heavy metal fans, because of their "hit" song "More Of The Same", which is included in the legendary 1983 EP "To The Point". Well, the time has come for this EP to be released for the first time on CD format, remastered, in a special limited edition, which will also contain 4 bonus tracks that were restored professionally from old tapes! At last, all tracks that IRONHAWK ever recorded, are included in one release, which also contains tons of photos from the golden 80s, story of the band and lyrics. IRONHAWK's music is the perfect combination between US Metal and NWOBHM. If you haven't listened to the band's music so far, we are sure that since you first hit the play button, you will realise how classic these songs are meant to be! And that they are meant to be played LOUD!!!

The release is dedicated to the memory of the sadly missed guitar player of the band, James Tisdale.

This is a limited edition CD, with remastered and restored sound. Comes with 16 pages booklet, lyrics, biography and rare photos.


1. More Of The Same

2. Locked Away

3. Dreams Of Fortune

4. Cry Out

5. Cry Out In The Night

6. Death Ride

7. Look At Yourself

8. More Of The Same (Demo Version)

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