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SMOKESCREEN - Complete Works

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Smokescreen was formed in 1981 in the Bronx, NY. After years of writing originals, doing local gigs, and various lineup changes, they produced their first demo in 1988 with Eddie Evelyn (Guitar), Jeff Cusner (Bass), Mike May (Drums), Mike McEwan (Vocals) and Jay Suescholz (Guitar). After a long battle with Leukemia, Jay passed away in 1990. The band continued on and after a few more lineup changes they recorded their second demo in 1992 with the addition of Mike Bambace (Drums), Jeff Scott (Bass) and Gatis Dravnieks (Guitar). The band recorded their final demo in 1994 entitled "Monster" with Vinny Manfredi (Guitar). Smokescreen finally disbanded in 1995. All former members of Smokescreen remain close friends to this day. Some members have even formed cover bands together with much success in the local scene. Smokescreen's music was considered progressive at the time and was very well received and respected in and around the New York area. There have been several calls for reunion shows over the years but none of which ever materialized.

This is a limited edition CD, with remastered and restored sound. Comes with 16 pages booklet, lyrics, biography and rare photos.


"Smokescreen" Demo 1988

1. Calling Out Your Name

2. The Eye Of Krshna

3. The Seventh Seal

4. Pendulum

Demo 1992

5. Hammer Into Anvil

6. The Tragedy Of Errors

7. The Curse Of Im-Ho-Tep

8. Buried Alive

"Monster" CD 1994

9. Monster

10. The Bottom Line

11. Presence

12. Fallout

13. The Darkness

14. I Am the Walrus

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