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ANGUS - Warrior Of The World

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In the summer of 1987 ANGUS went into the studio with the British producer John Tilly and came upwith the second ANGUS album called 'Warrior of the world'. This album was made with the latest studio and computer techniques. Bass player Gerard sadly had to leave the band because of medical problems. Studio bass player Andre Versluys did the bass lines on the recordings of 'Warrior of the World' and Mike Shults played the bass at live performances. With this album ANGUS got right into the premier league of Dutch Heavy metal. Although 'Track of doom' was considered speed metal, 'Warrior of the world' was pure melodic heavy metal. 'Warrior of the world' was chosen the best heavy release of the year by Music Maker magazine. In addition, many other magazines regarded this album a remarkable leap ahead for ANGUS and Dutch metal in general. Again a Dutch tour was set, but ANGUS disintegrated in 1988 after drummer William Lawson left the band because of personal differences with the management of Megaton Records. Strangely, the next year Megaton/Boudisque Records went bankrupt!

This is a limited edition CD, with remastered and restored sound. Comes with 16 pages booklet, lyrics, biography and rare photos.


1. Warrior Of The World

2. Moving Fast

3. Leather And Lace

4. Money Satisfies

5. Black Despair

6. 2086

7. Freedom Fighter

8. I’m A Fool With Love

9. If God’s In Heaven (Why Is There Hell On Earth?)

10. Lonesome Fighter (Taken From "Heavy Touch" Compilation 1985)

11. Aliens (Taken From "Heavy Touch" Compilation 1985)

12. Ruthless Men (Previously Unreleased Tune)

13. Men Of Hades (Previously Unreleased Tune)

14. Papa Don’t Freak (Single Version - Taken From The 1987 Single)

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