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CD arrow FORGOTTEN CHILD - Forgotten Child CD
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FORGOTTEN CHILD - Forgotten Child CD

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For many years, the first album of this classic metal band from MO, U.S.A. has been on top of all collectors' lists, thanks to the great music and one of the best fantasy cover artworks in the history of 80's metal music. The original pressing came out only on LP & cassette, so this is the first time, that the recordings of FORGOTTEN CHILD are available on CD. If you're digging ACCEPT style 80's steel, with killer vocals, powerful riffs and catchy choruses, this one's for you.

This is a limited edition CD, with remastered and restored sound. Comes with a 16-page booklet, exclusive interview and photos of the time.


1. Forgotten Child

2. Street Kids

3. On The Run

4. It's Only Rock 'n Roll

5. We're Sorry

6. Witness

7. Skid Row Star

8. Movin' On

9. Buckwheats Boogie

10. Broken Man


p+c 2016, Cult Metal Classics Records

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