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IVORY TIGER - Metal Mountain CD

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With great pride we present to you one of the greatest Chicago metal bands of the 80's. IVORY TIGER were formed in the mid-80's and released one of the most highly sought after EP's of the time, entitled "Metal Mountain", containing straight forward powerful U.S. metal music which many consider among the best ones from Chicago throughout the 80's.

The CD re-issue contains 16-page booklet, loaded with photos, band story and lyrics of all songs. It will feature 9 previously unreleased bonus tracks and will be digitally remastered to ensure maximum listening quality.

For every U.S. metal fan of the 80's, this is definitely one of the most anticipated 2016 reissues!

We'd like to extend a HUGE special thanks to Leslie Taylor for her valuable help with the project and for lending us photos from her amazing 80's archive. YOU RULE!!! And of course to the amazing guitar player of the band Michael Salisbury for his permission to re-release this masterpiece and Kenny Ike for the great interview and insight on the past days of the band.


1. Stand Up (Watch Out)

2. Starchild

3. Chandar

4. Metal Mountain

5. Mirror Mirror (Bonus Track)

6. Captured By Your Spell (Bonus Track)

7. No Illusions (Bonus Track)

8. Ride The Wind (Bonus Track)

9. Running Free (Bonus Track)

10. Flight Of An Eagle (Bonus Track)

11. Prisoner Of The Mountains And The Sea (Bonus Track)

12. The Stand (Bonus Track)

13. We Rock For You (Bonus Track)

p+c 2016, Cult Metal Classics Records

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