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CD arrow VALHALLA - Ultimate Anthology 84-86 2CD
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VALHALLA - Ultimate Anthology 84-86 2CD

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Limited to 500 copies!

VALHALLA is the rare case of an underground 80's band that all the songs they wrote back then are colossal masterpieces. No filler material, original songwriting with fantastic vocals, great guitars and keys and solid rhythm section. They started back in the early 80's and delivered to us their same-titled '84 masterpiece that up to this day, is hailed by heavy metal fans as one of the crowning moments of U.S. independent metal music.

Our reissue features almost all songs the band ever wrote, including 7 completely unreleased tunes (Hallowed Is The Dawn, It Never Ends, Silence The Night, Now And Forever, Ruler Of The Night, She's A Lie, Blood Eagle), a total of 20 songs loaded with unbeatable U.S. metal music.

This is the Double CD version which includes tons of photos, lyrics of all songs, story of the band and everything a fan of the band ever dreamed of. This is the ultimate tribute to these legends that consisted of Joseph Mutch (Bass), Edward Horgan (Drums), William Hornyak (Guitars), John Merkt (Keyboards) and David Fefolt (Vocals).

Get ready to experience the ultimate VALHALLA reissue by the Pittsburgh metal masters. HAIL!



1. Break Of Darkness 00:46

2. Looking For The Light 05:23

3. Nightstalker 03:57

4. Valhalla 04:40

5. Ship Of Dreams 05:49

6. In Her Eyes 05:08

7. Temptress 06:14

8. Caught A Prisoner 04:21

9. On The Edge 04:54

10. Tribulation 04:17

11. Reign Of The Wizard 03:58


1. Hallowed Is The Dawn 05:52

2. The Mystic Warrior 04:45

3. It Never Ends 04:18

4. Nightstalker (Live) 03:22

5. Silence The Night 06:54

6. Now And Forever 04:26

7. Ruler Of The Night 04:49

8. She's A Lie 03:49

9. Blood Eagle 05:14

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