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SPEED LIMIT - Moneyshot

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The history of Austria's Speed Limit dates back nearly three decades, founded 1979 in Salzburg. Rising on the great melodic rock of the Eighties, the band released three works, Unchained (1986) and Perfect Inspiration (1992), both full-length LPs, and also the EP Prophecy (1988) which yielded the single Lady. The band disbanded from 1994 to 2008. They return with Moneyshot, the first offering from Pure Steel Records subdivision Pure Rock Records.

Echoing the music of those great Eighties, Moneyshot offers strong melodic hard rock that swings comfortably between crafty AOR and heavier melodic metal. Done with Dreamin' or Too Old to Die Young are convincing numbers that prove Speed Limit's range. On the T.O.P. gallops at the speed of power metal, with some heavy notes, but then delivers a smooth melodic metal segue in the center.

Musicianship is at a premium on Moneyshot: fine arrangements are blessed with creativity, catchiness, crisp production, and some crackin' performances from the bass and lead guitar. The latter are quite apparent on Fly Like an Eagle, Done with Dreamin, and the remake of their hit single Lady. (Although I'm not sure what made Lady such a big deal 20 years ago; it's an average song.)

The music scene is replete with comebacks from both the well-known and obscure band. But Speed Limit's Moneyshot, though certainly (and proudly) retro, is sound and entertaining European melodic rock.

1. Broken Mirror
2. Done with Dreamin
3. Lost & Found
4. Too old to Dye Young
5. On the T.O.P.
6. Don't Fear the Dark Lanes
7. Heartbreakin Valentine
8. Fly like an eagle
9. Lady (2010)
10. I came, I saw

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