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STEELWING - Lord Of The Wasteland

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These guys damn well realize that you don’t need any complicated song structures and that it’s not necessary to overload the tracks with details to impress. Heel no! Heavy metal comes from the heart and the power lies within the simple, easy listening, but most of all catchy riffs and a huge dose of love and enthusiasm. The songs linger on even for a long time after listening and that is something that not many bands manage nowadays. So in the end, does it make a damn difference whether the whole thing is renewing or original? No! Because when a band can come up with such enthusiasm and conviction, you almost forget about that anyway. Don't think for a second that the album is 25 years overdue, because music like this is timeless! So just grab on to these wings of steel and let yourself be carried on a glorious NWOBHM-ride back to the eighties! Hail!

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