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ICY STEEL - As The Gods Command

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With traditional metal making a comeback over the last several years, here comes Italy's Icy Steel with their second album As the God's Command. This is probably as 'old school' as gets with Icy Steel easily mixing classic NWOBHM with its American counterparts.

1. Impetuos Fire
2. The Persistance of Time
3. The Holy Sun
4. Out of your Time
5. Mjöllnir
6. Fallen Heroes
7. Fly without Wings
8. As the Gods Command (Pt.1)
9. As the Gods Command (Pt.2)
10. The Hymn of the Brave
11. The Commander
12. There was once a weeping Willow

Line Up:
Stefano Galeano - Vocals/Guitar
Pietro Bianco - Guitar
Roberto Ladinetti - Bass
Carlo Spiga - Drums

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