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CD arrow SERPENT'S KNIGHT - Silent Knight...Of Myth And Destiny DCD
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SERPENT'S KNIGHT - Silent Knight...Of Myth And Destiny DCD

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Back in the mid-late 80’s a lot of people were familiar with the legendary band Sanctuary because of they were able to sign a deal with a big label and with the help of Dave Mustaine were able to make a name for themselves. But let’s take a step back before this band and here we are with Serpent’s Knight featuring the very well respected and well-known, Warrel Dane. This was the very first heavy metal band he was in. The band was never able to make a proper recording of the songs, just tried to do the best they could with home recording equipment. So keep in mind the music was saved on tapes after all these years and then re-mastered by Brad Poland himself in 2009. The music on these old tapes was very well written, dark, and featured some insanely high pitched vocals. It’s a long story (which you will read in the CD booklet) but the band split up, Warrel went on to do Sanctuary and the rest was history. In the late 80’s Brad was able to find a new singer and wanted to make another album, so they did and in this package you’ll get both albums in a double CD set.

CD1 “Released From The Crypt” (1983-1985) Warrel Dane - vocals
1. The Serpent's Reign
2. Sorcerer's Apprentice
3. Disturbing Your Peace
4. White Rabbit
5. Sleaze
6. Trial By Fire
7. No Sanctuary
8. Tears Of Love
9. Apollyon The Destroyer
10. Beyond The Valley (band practice)
11. Beyond The Valley
12. Long Live Heavy Metal
13. After The Dark (father scorn- vocals)
14. Mystic Psalms (father scorn- vocals)
15. Conceived For Hypocrisy

CD2 – “3000 Degrees In The Shade “ (1989) Mark G - vocals
1. Sick Bloody Cunt
2. The Lightning Chaser
3. Serpent's Knight
4. Betrayed
5. Cracks In The Paint
6. Pinned To The Ground
7. Eisoptrophobia
8. Dellusions Of Grandeur
9. Battle Angels (1981)
10. The First Spider After Winter (2009)
* Bonus Video: Serpent's Knight Live, 1st gig recorded.

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