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WISHDOOM - Helepolis

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WISHDOOM are a quartet of unheard of Greeks who seem to be massive fans of both DOOMSWORD, MANILLA ROAD, CANDLEMASS and IRON MAIDEN. Singer Chris Paschalidis is evidently the result of a symbiosis between Bruce Dickinson and Messiah Marcolin. Imagine the melodramatic wailing monk intoning his doomed vocals from within Dickinson`s vocal chords, lending his deep timbre to Bruce`s mighty air raid siren and dragging it down into a doom metal vocal style, still abundant with the triumphant heroism that characterizes IRON MAIDEN. WISHDOOM were previously known to the epic metal fanatics through an impressively enticing EP called “Winds of War”. Some time later, a full-length with the promise of further joys had us all expecting the same unapologetic doomful excellence. It all starts as you might expect. The title track plods along with some power metal-flecked riffs bouncing over the very sweet drumming of Dimitris Raptis. It grabs the heavy doom baton from Trouble`s The Skull with a vigorous charge through catchy riffs and propulsive beats, providing a number of moments one can hum along to. “Zeus the Thunderer” has a great folky riff halfway through that breaks into a section reminiscent of Slough Feg. Amazing stuff for a young band. And the beat goes on, the battle rages on, the flame burns on and WISHDOOM continue to capture your soul with their determination and passion in the songwriting department. The technical skills lie on a high level, each note and beat sit where they shall. The sound is heavy and direct, still with enough transparency to let the song itself unfold piece by piece and let the listener dive deeply inside. It`s pure escapism but that`s what makes WISHDOOM so great. An important ally to bands from the south like DOOMSWORD or BATTLEROAR in their eternal struggle! Up the hammers!!!!

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