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BROCAS HELM - Black Death

Price per Unit (piece): 14,99 € (including 23 % tax)
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The wizards from San Francisco on the album that established them as one of the most cult bands ever to emerge from U.S.A. All the songs are pure epic metal masterpieces and words are really pointless to describe the majesty of this band. But what are we saying? Is there anyone out there that hasn't listened to this Classic Album?

Your question might be rational....then why buy this re-issue since we already have it....simply because it KICKS-ASH all the way as it features amazing bonus material such as: five unreleased tracks taken from their '89 "Helm's Deep" demo and a bonus video from taken from an early 80's (!) show of the band! OK, friends! you know how it goes! You cannot live without this damn masterpiece. GRAB IT LIKE HELL!! HAIL!

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