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TIERRA SANTA - Mi Nombre Sera Leyenda

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They came, they played and they conquered. I am speaking about the heart of every true heavy metal fan who was present at their Headbangers Open Air show 2011. I actually had thought before they were already dead and gone but their giant comeback album “Caminos de fuego” proved me wrong and it really was their strongest effort since 2001 “Sangre de reyes”. Now, about two years later, they deliver the goods once more with “Mi nombre serΰ leyenda”, another kick ass Spanish heavy metal album that shows how well their creativity is flowing. You get it all once again here, the raging rhythms from the hard driving, faster songs, the hypnotical pounding of the mid paced stuff, the hot blooded mediterranean expression from the melodies. I love the earthy sound that spreads so much warmth and heats up your emotions. They follow their very own tradition, what else should we expect them to do? But they really get it off, even on the more gentle pieces that are more than enchanting and grab you by the soul when Angel San Juan howls his magick verses from your speakers. This is all in all a piece of classical melodic metal far from the flat assed symphonic speed tweeting too many bands have adopted as their style over the years while forgetting how important catchy, yet haunting melodies and wicked guitars are. You can say, this has a classic IRON MAIDEN feel from the axework and you will certainly be right for TIERRA SANTA never denied their love for the old, real heavy metal. They just assimilate this for good and add their own spirit to the whole brew. This album strikes the scene like a hammer and should expand their popularity over the boarders of the genre furthermore. Their name shall be legend! Sir Lord Doom