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PERSONA NON GRATA - Confirm Your Humanity

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PnG Bio – Line-up and changes

Persona Non Grata was formed in 2003, when John Ioannidis (keyboards) and Chris Gatsos (guitars) met and realized that progressive metal was what really inspired them. The material for the band’s premier CD "Shade In The Light" was already in composition when Vasilis Axiotis (vocals) joined the group 2 years later, so recordings started very quickly, with the help of the session musicians Akis Gavalas (drums) and Chris Vogiatzis (Bass). The end of the sessions brought the realization of a synergy within the members who recorded, and thus the original lineup of Persona Non Grata was established.

On November of 2009 PNG’s increased obligations led to the change of vocalist, and Aris Pirris was added to the group, while on 2010 Apostolis Kaltsas (bass) recorded the second album. On 2012 Chris Kollias undertook the …bass responsibilities on behalf of the band, and on 2014 Vasilis Axiotis rejoined to be the voice of Persona non Grata, and hit the studio with them.

PnG Bio - Discography

PNG’s 1st album "Shade In The Light" was characterized one of complex music, but coming from the melodic end of the metal musical spectrum. According to the press, the band has a familiar sound with “Vanden Plas, Sun Caged, late-period Mind’s Eye, and Section A” (, Pain of Salvation (, and Dream Theater ( The CD was released under Sensory media (US).

On 2010, between gigs and tours, PNG went to the studio for the recording of their second album named “Quantum Leap”. With the completion of the production Massacre (US) offered the great contract that made them part of the family. The CD was characterized to be close to the “'Awake'-era of Dream Theater” (, and “Symphony X” (Progressive Metal). “Quantum Leap” was released on December 2011.

Persona Non Grata’s 3rd album is ready from the hands of Chris Tsangarides; and released from Steel Gallery Records!



Vasilis Axiotis, Lead Vocals

Chris Gatsos, Guitars

John Ioannidis, Keys

Chris Colias, Bass

Takis Idas, Drums (Session drummer for this record Akis Gavalas)


1-In Contrast



4-Memory Lane


6-Burning Bridges

7-Confirm Your Humanity

8-Fives 5

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