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VATICAN - March of the Kings CD

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Great US METAL! VATICAN from the Cleveland, Ohio Area can be considered as what is widely called a “US Metal Cult Band“.

Between 1986 and 1990 only four demos had been released along with a compilation album in 2014 which nowadays are masterpieces for aficionados. Since 2011 the band is active again, and have been playing concerts throughout the Midwest and East coast of America.

Now for the first time, the long awaited full studio album of new material entitled „March Of The Kings“ is finished. Classical US Power/Heavy Metal with pounding double bass, poisonous sharp high pitched vocals and soaring guitar solos and a nice portion „old school metal style“; fanciers will love it.

10 songs of finest, exquisite and pure „American Metal“ straight out of the rust belt of Ohio.


1. Alive To The Grave

2. Deadly Winds

3. Running

4. Mean Streak

5. Falling From Grace

6. Wasted

7. Fears Garden

8. Die A Heart Attack

9. Corruption

10. Opus #9

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