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WRETCH - The Hunt CD

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Great US METAL! US power/thrash metal act WRETCH are pioneers of their local Cleveland metal scene and have since forged ahead to become an internationally recognized force of powerful melodic metal with festival performances in Germany and Greece. Prepare for the bands latest release 'The Hunt' – a shredding masterpiece that will appeal to fans of Primal Fear, Iced Earth, Helloween and Iron Maiden.

The first album to feature new singer Juan Ricardo who has a voice reminiscent of the mighty Bruce Dickinson, the new album is 40 minutes of exceptional power/thrash that marks the bands long journey since its 2006 debut 'Reborn'


1. Sturmbringer

2. The Hunt

3. Throne of Poseidon

4. Twilight's End

5. The Final Stand

6. Fortune?s Fool

7. The King in Red

8. Straight to Hell (Feat Tim "Ripper" Owens)

9. Pierce the Veil

10. Once in a Lifetime

11. She Waits

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