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LONEWOLF - Made In Hell

Price per Unit (piece): 13,99 € (including 23 % tax)
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01. Shadowland
02. Divine Art Of Lies
03. Host Of The Dark
04. Seawolf
05. Black Heaven
06. Made In Hell
07. Night Peace
08. The Heart Of Hell
09. The New Inquisition
10. Utopia

The good thing for Lonewolf is that we don't have a lot of famous bands which play the same kind of music in France. Even if they're not re-inventing the genre and even if they're not so original, their last album is solid and will probably be considered as a good album by the fans of Manowar and Hammerfall. Ok "Made In Hell" is not a revolution but if you like Power Metal I think that you'll like this release.