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CD arrow CRISIS - Armed To The Teeth / Kick It Out DCD
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CRISIS - Armed To The Teeth / Kick It Out DCD

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Obscure US 80's Metal band CRISIS formed back in 1980. Taking a heavy dose of their influences from MOTORHEAD, RAVEN, IRON MAIDEN, and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, it wasn't to big of a suprise that they got signed to an English label, Bullet Records. Their debut came out in 1984 "Armed To The Teeth" and of course their music was much bigger in Europe than the USA because they weren't being another Motley Crue or Quiet Riot band. After the well received first album, the band's label went bankrupt and the second album "Kick It Out" failed to reach European distributors and their established fans. The band struggled on and eventually called it quits. This release contains the band's entire career on a double disc with a full color booklet with the band's history and lyrics.

CD 1
Armed To The Teeth (1984)
1. Crank It Up
2. Diane
3. We’re The Boys
4. Break In The Action
5. Take It Or Leave It
6. Armed To The Teeth
Kick It Out (1985)
7. Kick It Out
8. Metal Meltdown
9. Keep Fighting
10. We Come To Rock
11. At Night
12. Don’t Come Back
13. Scene Of The Crime
14. Pay The Price

CD 2
Unreleased Songs
1. Driven By The Clock
2. Blue Roses
3. Dodged Another Bullet
4. It Isn’t Easy Being Me
5. Fan The Flames
6. Rock Fever
7. Stand Your Ground
8. Don’t Look Back
9. Scars
10. Lighting Fires
11. Independent
12. El Camino
13. Kicked Around

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